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Marocan lounge, Finnish sauna, the cares

The Patio with swimming pool and  jacuzzi heated at 30°C since april.

Bar and tapas evening in the patio all summer.

Midnight bath for your holliday's pictures

Dining room for breakfast

New year party in the patio34

Adeline, beautician (fr), get you in the lounge and offer a range of care, waxxing and massages.

All way bike renting For your countryside trip, city trip or to go to the beach at 10km.

Prices 10€ by day and 7€ the half day.

During your stay, in day or night, order your sauna sessions with the view on the patio.



The evening tapas and pikes began in early July 2010

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings. (the other day at midday depending disponibility)

Tapas dinner plate:

Plate 15€
Skewers 15 to 20€